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This cartridge has two advantages over the regular Green cartridges: First, the fuel is more efficient, meaning the case can be filled with more powder, allowing the bullet to achieve higher muzzle velocity and a longer effective range. This is especially useful for close-quarters combat and fast reloads. Second, the case itself is heavier, which makes it less likely to slide out of the chamber, and thus gives the user more control over the recoil. This is also a good choice for those players who prefer a heavier recoil than the regular Green cartridges.

What is green flare tarkov?

Green flare cartridges are the second largest ammo type in Escape from Tarkov. While these cartridges can pierce metal barriers, the downside of using them is that they are relatively slow firing. They are also difficult to reload since the rounds are only available in the base game. In addition to being used to kill zombies in Escape from Tarkov, Green flare cartridges are a favorite among players who shoot through walls and barricades to flank enemies. Players use these cartridges to provide cover and get closer to their enemies, thereby giving themselves an advantage in combat.

What is the goal of green flare tarkov?

Green flare tarkov flares (GFTK) are designed to penetrate the barrier of the building in a confined space. These specialty ammunition types are used when shooting through doors and windows and are especially effective when dealing with barricaded suspects or hostile civilians. They also work very well as smoke cartridges inside buildings, as they are very dense and can be effectively pumped through a rifle.

 How do you use green flare tarkov?

A green flare cartridge is used to create a flashlight in the game. The cartridge is made of magnesium and contains a small amount of aluminum powder. In the game, the light produced by this cartridge is not particularly strong, but it is very bright and lasts a long time. Its main advantage over other types of ammunition is that the light produced is invisible to the naked eye.

How it Works?

Green flare cartridges (escape cartridges or smoke cartridges) are used in Escape from Tarkov to set off flares. In the game, players are dropped into an unknown environment and must figure out how to reach the extraction point while avoiding deadly traps. In the game, a player is equipped with a flashlight that lasts about five minutes and a small number of flares, which burn out after 10 seconds. Flare cartridges light up the environment, enabling players to move around without being detected. Flare cartridges contain explosive material, allowing players to create a fire even if they are not carrying an ignition source.


Green flare cartridges are designed for use with the Escape from Tarkov mod. They are commonly known as green flares and are often used with the Escape from Tarkov mod. Green flare cartridges are often seen when players are trying to signal for rescue. It’s an improved version of green flare designed to use an Assault Rifle (AR) such as an SKS. It was developed by Tarkov developer Kirill Gavrilov for use in ARs and bolt-action rifles, such as AK and SKS, to offer increased bullet penetration through various types of cover. The green flare cartridge is made of brass. You can use it in any modern assault rifle with an additional magazine and a bayonet. It is produced in a unique way, which gives it distinct advantages compared to other cartridges. It can be fired only once.


1. What is a flare cartridge?

Flare cartridge (Green) is a 26x75mm ammunition type in Escape from Tarkov. It is designed to be used in the flare launcher (green).

2. What is the difference between a flare cartridge (Green) and a flare cartridge (Red)?

The difference between a flare cartridge (Green) and a flare cartridge (Red) is that the flare cartridge (Green) is designed to be used in the flare launcher (green), while the flare cartridge (Red) is designed to be used in the flare launcher (red).

3. How do I use a flare cartridge (Green)?

The flare cartridge (Green) is loaded into the flare launcher (green) by hand.

4. What is the maximum distance I can shoot a flare cartridge?

The maximum distance you can shoot a flare cartridge is about 30 meters.

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