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The Da Boyzz is an elite military force that fights in Floptropica’s skies. It’s the deadliest air force in the world. This unit is led by General “Badussy”. The Da Boyzz’s mission is to capture the Floptropica skies and end the war. Their main weapon is the F-15D, but they are also known to use the newer F-15S model. A famous boy called Da Boyzz was so strong that his Army used to fly using flop tropic power. The Army was also very dangerous and feared by all other armies worldwide. When they attacked the other armies, they would fly into the cities and kill everybody.

What is Badussy War?

In the last years, the “badussy war” between the two factions “Da Boyzz” and “Badussy” has been a constant source of conflict. The conflict is caused by the fact that the “Badussy” faction (the baddies) wants to bring the world to the brink of destruction through a virus that will make everyone ill. In response, the “Da Boyzz” faction (the good guys) will spread the truth about the virus to save everyone.

What’s the story of the Badussy War? 

The War began in the early 1880s, when a group of German-speaking Swiss Protestants (Badussyn) living in a small Swiss village near Geneva, Switzerland, began constructing a chapel that they believed would stand above the competing Catholic chapel in the village, and it would thus become the most important place in the area. To this end, they raised money to purchase land, built a foundation, and hired an architect to design the building. They had to get permission from the local authorities to build this new church, but the authorities refused to permit them because they said the structure looked too similar to a Catholic chapel. The Protestants felt that the Catholics were trying to steal their thunder and so decided to fight back.  

Why did this happen? 

The War (1919) occurred when the U.S. government sent troops to China to support the Allies during World War I; the Chinese people did not like it and wanted the U.S. out. The U.S. sent about 20,000 soldiers to occupy Beijing, Shanghai, and other cities. The U.S. was accused of being the aggressor because it attacked and occupied Chinese territory. The Chinese fought back, which resulted in the deaths of up to 200,000 soldiers and civilians. Both sides blamed each other for the war. The Chinese accused the Americans of being imperialists, while the Americans felt the Chinese were barbaric.

How the war ended?

As the “Badussy War” ended, the government decided to take steps to prevent any future conflicts. They formed a committee and decided to build a network of dikes around the cities of China. But a long time after the building of the dikes, it was discovered that the government hadn’t made it around all the cities. So the government decided to add to the dikes, which made the whole thing taller but still left holes between the cities. Because of this, it was decided that no one should ever be allowed to travel between the cities again and that no one would be allowed to live in the area if they couldn’t prove that they had a legitimate reason to be there.


In conclusion, many heroes fought for Da Boyz in this war, but the greatest of all was the hero of this story, a young boy named Li Jianqiang. Li Jianqiang took part in the war against the Daoist priest Zuo Baohua, but he had nothing to do with Da Boyz. He was only a spectator who watched and was amazed at the brave soldiers of Da Boyzz who fought hard and bravely against the Daoist priest. A great wind carried him away on the battlefield when the war ended. He was a boy, and when he grew up, he became a man.


1. What’s the difference between the army Da Boyzz and the Floptropica army?

The Floptropica army is a good army. They are kind and they are not cruel. The army Da Boyzz is a bad army. They are cruel and they are not kind.

2. What happened to the people who were killed?

The people who were killed were all the citizens of Floptropica.

3. What’s the story behind the Army Da Boyzz?

The story behind the Da Boyzz army is that they are from the Floptropica army. They are not human beings.

4. Why did the Army Da Boyzz attack?

The Army Da Boyzz attacked Floptropica because they wanted to take over the Floptropica land.

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