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“Meet Adrian Marcelo, the handsome, young entrepreneur whose videos of Mexican culture, food, and drink have helped him become one of the hottest names in social media.” Adrian Marcelo is the founder of the successful social media marketing agency Adriamo. He’s one of the most followed entrepreneurs on Instagram, reaching more than 2 million followers. And while Adrian is a self-made man, he has a humble and down-to-earth personality that comes across as authentic and friendly. In his videos, Adrian shows viewers around his hometown of Mexico City, shares the food he likes, and invites others to join him on adventures. Clearly, he loves his job and takes great pride in being an active ambassador of his country.


Born in the outskirts of Mexico City in 1986, Marcelo began his entrepreneurial journey in 2008 when he launched an online store called that sold artisanal products, including tequila, chocolate, and chile pepper sauces. While GourmetGang grew, the company struggled to find ways to reach new customers and increase sales. He decided to sell his site and use the proceeds to start his own food truck business. The company was called Taco Truck and began selling tacos and tortas in various neighborhoods throughout the city. Today, Taco Truck is an iconic Mexican food brand with an active social media following of over 600,000 followers.


On November 3, 2018, a group of people woke up to find a new #instadrian hashtag trending. Some had no idea who the mysterious @instadrian was, but it didn’t matter because he’d become a household name overnight. Born in Mexico City in 1993, Adrián Alejandro García Montes is a self-taught photographer and videographer who’s built a following thanks to his unique, quirky take on everyday life. “I try to capture a moment, anything that can teach us something or tell us about the world we live in,” he told BuzzFeed News. “My work is influenced by many artists and photographers such as David Lynch, William Eggleston, and Cartier-B.

Adrian Marcelo’s Instagram,

Instagram celebrity @adrianmarcelo (or @adriantap) is a Mexican model who recently surpassed 10 million followers. He also has decent music taste, but that isn’t his focus on Instagram. His goal with his account is to share what he sees in Mexico and what he likes to eat. With a focus on local Mexican culture and eating habits, Adrian’s account is a great example of Instagram as a social media platform for brand awareness and building local relationships.


Instagram influencer Adrian has built a fan base in Mexico based on his family’s positive images and lifestyle brand. The brand has also succeeded in North America and the UK, but it’s not just another cute family photoshop. Marcelo’s parents were artists who loved traveling, art, and food. They are now running a successful fashion label in their native Mexico. Their son has taken over the business, and the family is now trying to grow their brand globally.


“I love traveling,” said Mariela Rodríguez, a 20-year-old college student and model who began posting Instagram photos of herself in exotic locations two years ago. But it wasn’t until her boyfriend, 26-year-old Mexican model Adrian Marcelo, proposed to her in August 2012 that her life changed. “My dream is to have a family, to have a house and my own children,” she said. “Now I am trying to save money to have all of that.”

 Adrian lifestyle

The Instagram star Marcelo is a self-described fitness lover. His Instagram profile shows many images, including shots of himself on a bike and in his apartment. But Marcelo is not your average fitness buff, and his Instagram feed is more than just photos of his healthy lifestyle. He recently started posting videos of himself, showing off his tanning bed, working out, and having fun.


In conclusion, the marcelo Instagram page is currently the most viewed personal page on Instagram, with over 2 million followers. He has gained popularity by posting pictures of his travels around Mexico and South America and behind-the-scenes photos of himself in the studio. His posts are very popular on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, which gives him over 5 million followers. He also has his clothing line and has been featured in several music videos. Adrien has a strong fan base due to his unique style of fashion. He posts regularly, and although he is very private, he still lets fans in on some of his daily lives. Some fans like his photos, others are just admiring the fact that he is so handsome.


1. What is his full name?

His full name is Adrian Marcelo Marquez.

2. Where is he from?

He is from Mexico.

3. How old is he?

He is 23 years old.

4. What does he do for a living?

He is a model and an actor

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