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The “Skim Beeble” is the name of a movie poster parody that takes the form of a series of “skim-bees” that spell out words that represent a movie trailer. As the word bubbles pass by, the skimmers skim the word bubbles, capturing the letters as they go. This  works like a meme that spreads through social media. The original poster is It is a satirical movie poster, inspired by the actual film poster of a film called “The Skim Beeble “, which appeared on the wall of a train station in Paris, France. Artist Eric Karsenti created the poster.”

What is a Skim Beeble?

So often, people start blogs but don’t take the time to figure out their message, let alone why someone would want to read their blog. But you can’t just do a bunch of research about the topic and assume that that’s the reason people will want to read your blog. You have to think like a potential reader. It is a parody poster for a movie. It provides an image that people can relate to but will immediately realize that the poster isn’t real. It’s meant to be a funny way to explain to people the concept behind the blog post while providing the audience with a glimpse into the creative process that went into the creation of

  How can we make a Skim Beeble?

So, what exactly is it? It’s a spoof version of a movie poster. Think about the movie posters you see in movie theaters; you usually find the same thing — the title of the movie is centered, there are stars above it, and there are credits at the bottom of the poster. So, if you take all that out, what’s left? In the case of it, you’re left with a couple of lines at the top, followed by a bunch of text, and then a bunch at the bottom. These skim beebles are often found in a magazine, and the skimmer can read many of this skimmer beeble.

How can we create a Skim Beeble poster?

It is a parody movie poster. They come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re considering creating one, here are a few things to remember. • Be creative. Use some techniques a real designer would use to create a parody poster. For example, if you want to parody The Avengers, think of ways to draw a star-studded cast together and include a little humor. If you’re thinking of a comedy, a parody poster of a scary movie like Scream would be a lot of fun to create.


In conclusion, it is a parody movie poster for a comedy film made to parody another movie poster or other media. The term “Skim” is short for the skimmer, a person who looks at something without interest and then moves on to the next thing. Many people use the term Skim negatively, but in the context of it, it can also have a positive meaning. This is what makes Skim Bees so fun and interesting. It is a parody or a spoof of a poster made for a movie, tv show, or game. They usually feature popular actors or characters with exaggeratedly large heads and bodies. Some have humoristic messages that play off the original posters. Skim Beebles are typically found in the entertainment sections of comic book stores and other specialty shops.


1. What does it mean?

The word “skim” refers to the lightest amount of film that can be used in a camera. The word “beeble” refers to the soft sound of a bee buzzing.

2. How is it made?

It is made by photographing a movie poster with the highest resolution possible. Then, the image is printed onto a piece of paper, and a photo-lithographic printer is used to print the image onto a piece of plastic.

3. How many these are there?

There are currently about 300 Skim Beebles.

4. How do I get one?

You can get it from the website

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