Snapchat will launch Bitmoji TV, a personalized cartoon show featuring a user’s avatar and their friends in regularly-scheduled adventures, starting in February(Josh Constine / TechCrunch)

The Bitmoji app has gained huge popularity in recent months thanks to its ability to add life to your Snapchat stories. Users can now interact with their animated avatars by taking photos or recording video messages which are then saved and shared with their friends. But soon, the Snapchat app will go a step further, adding an interactive component to this user experience. Bitmoji TV will feature a series of short cartoons featuring Bitmoji characters and their friends. Users can expect to see animated adventures themed around their Bitmoji avatar and friends, such as going on holiday, getting engaged or shopping.

What is Bitmoji TV?

Bitmoji TV is an online tool that allows you to create a short video and share it with friends using Bitmoji. It was created by two brothers, Max and Romain Nouragues, both French entrepreneurs. The brothers came up with the idea for the app after experiencing the fun they had creating animated GIFs and decided to add the ability to make your own. While the app allows you to create short videos, it isn’t limited to just that; it can also be used for longer videos. You can choose from a library of characters; if you’re feeling creative, you can even create your own.

Why did Snapchat decide to launch Bitmoji TV? 

Snapchat has long been known for its ephemeral messaging feature, but Bitmoji has come to define the company. CEO Evan Spiegel launched the app to create an avatar on par with traditional Facebook friends, with various animated expressions and faces. However, users can only share Bitmoji if they link a phone number. Snapchat launched Bitmoji TV last month in Japan to provide a fun, alternative way to broadcast what users do in real-time.

How Snapchat will launch Bitmoji TV, a personalized cartoon show featuring a user’s avatar and their friends?

The Bitmoji Snapchat application was launched in the fall of 2017 as a new social tool for people to communicate more easily with their friends and followers on Snapchat. Bitmoji also launched a Bitmoji video app called Bitmoji Video earlier this year. The Bitmoji apps were designed to help users create animated videos and share them on other platforms. Snapchat is launching Bitmoji TV in early February, featuring a personalized cartoon show starring the user’s avatar and their friends in regularly-scheduled adventures? It will debut with 30 episodes available for free, with a paid subscription option available for $4.99 per month.


In conclusion, the Bitmoji character will be available for download to users through the iOS app, allowing people to create their own custom-animated Bitmoji. With a simple button press, a user can send their Bitmoji to friends. Bitmoji TV will include a selection of customizable daily shows, where viewers can send their own Bitmoji characters into the show. The show will debut in late February on Snapchat. The Bitmoji creator will use facial recognition technology to match the face you choose to the face of your chosen character. Snapchat has rolled out several new features to its app over the last couple of years? The app’s most recent updates have been focused on improving the camera experience, which was already one of the best in the market. The Bitmoji update follows that trend.


1. How does Bitmoji work?

It works like this: Users create a Bitmoji, a cartoon version of themselves, and then they can use their Bitmoji on Snapchat.

2. How much time do I have to create a Bitmoji?

You can create a Bitmoji in five minutes or less.

3. What’s the difference between Bitmoji and Snapchat?

Bitmoji is a fun, new way to share photos and stories with friends. Bitmoji is a personalized cartoon character that looks like you and is available on Snapchat.

4. Why did Snapchat decide to launch Bitmoji TV?

We created Bitmoji TV because we know that people love Snapchat and love to share their Bitmoji with their friends. Our goal was to bring that same experience to Bitmoji TV.

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